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I started training with Kurt 6 years ago so that I can be a better grandma!  I am 62 and have arthritis in both hips and prone to tendonitis.  I can’t believe how weak and inflexible I was when I started.  Kurt has coached me on a progression of joint mobility and strength exercises using my entire body, yoga, and kettlebells twice a week.  Today I can carry around my 20lb 18-month old grandson with no problem and play with my 6-year old grandson.  I am one happy grandma!

- Kathy Daber

I’ve started working with Kurt a few months ago going through major life changes that were and still are painful and very hard. I have become more aware of who I am and where I belong. I’ve become more observant, more appreciative, and finally started to learn how to love, not judge, be free from guilt, not be afraid to feel, and let go of my fears that I’ve built up a mountain of over the years. I’ve learnt that the most and truly only potent way to grow in life is through truth and faith.

I know this is just the beginning of a never ending journey and there are times when I feel like I can’t do it alone. But truth is I could never get where I am at without Kurt’s guidance, support, and assistance through his teaching and faith in me.

- Irina        

In August of 2015, I was invited to a workshop about healing your heart, and it  changed my entire perspective. I saw my world (and the world for that matter) as a place of anger and fear. I felt empty, alone & hopeless. I wanted to check out. Then, I met Kurt at the workshop. He was able to see past the wall I had built around my heart and show me how my world & the world are truly amazing. I simply had to stop giving my personal power away to the people, places, things and situations and take sole ownership of what I had created. He then assisted in showing me how to create what I truly want. Joy, peace, prosperity, wealth, health and the fruits we all wish for in our lives. I now have freedom from all of those old fears and a real connection with the most important person in my life-ME. 

- Stephanie            

Dear Kurt:

As an aging USPTA Certified Teaching Tennis Professional,  I found myself losing flexibility, endurance, strength during my teaching week. I was having significant back and shoulder problems until I was lucky enough to have joined your Kettle Bell classes.

Your knowledge of kinesiology and your progressive instruction methods along with your positive motivational attitude helped me regain my desire to improve myself in all the areas that were starting to deteriorate. I deal with many trainers during the course of the year and none have the personal programming that you establish with your clients for specific activities in a normal course of a day. This in addition to your realistic goals set for everyone makes you unique in a field that sometimes does not specify desired outcomes.

I want to thank you for your support and patience through this process and because of you I am feeling young again as well as got my health back in a manageable condition.

Keep up the great work and hopefully there are many new clients of all ages that get the opportunity to have you on their side for training purposes. One years worth of training session with you are far less expensive than one year of countless doctor's appointments.

You are simply inspiring as a professional trainer!



Ed Weiner           

USPTA Certified Teaching Professional

I want to share my fitness experiences of the last 19 weeks with Kurt Curley.

I believe he is an excellent personal trainer.

I started my rehabilitation with Kurt in January, three years after I was in a tragic car accident resulting in permanent injuries. I had a crushed pelvis, have nerve & neck damage, damaged knees and a shoulder now being held together with scar tissue, along with arthritis & 60 years of wear and tear. Kurt has the skills and knowledge to make me use every muscle in my body. My life has greatly improved since beginning out workouts.

He has the ability to change my routines at a moments notice and still have me using the same set of muscles he had planned for the day. He has kept the workouts fresh, unlike the bike or treadmill which I find boring.

My strength, stamina, and mobility have improved. My rehabilitation has much further to go to be as healthy as possible and I have more weight to lose but, I would highly recommend KURT as a fitness trainer to ANYONE! Kurt has the type of personality to adjust & listen when he is working with patients. His knowledge of how our bodies work is truly amazing.


Brenda E. Hall

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