Winter Solstice - 2012 - Machu Picchu, Peru

Winter Solstice - 2012 - Machu Picchu, Peru

Sabrina is an adventurous and pioneering individual with a youthful spirit and an eternal heart. She is a proponent of the co-creative healing principle. She views the world in a state of equality; as above--so below, nothing is lesser or greater than anything else. As one individual heals and grows, so too does all other life. By choosing to heal herself and assisting others to heal themselves; everything as a whole may heal, learn, expand, grow, & ascend. In this practice the student is a teacher and the teacher is a student. This is how Sabrina views the practice of aetheric, mind, & body work. As you learn and heal she too learns and heals from you.

Sabrina has a deep and long relationship with the healing, scientific, & creative arts. She enjoys exploring and discovering new tools and perspectives and she chooses pioneering and innovative ways to blend and apply them all together. For over a decade she has been growing and evolving her knowledge and wisdom in the application of professional massage and bodywork therapies. She enjoys assisting individuals to see their bodies as:

1. Reservoirs of ten-thousand pearls of wisdom.

Just as oysters who collect small grains of sand, hold on to them, and mull them over their entire lives--we too collect experiential debris, carry them around inside our bodies, unprocessed and often impinging our physical anatomy. As you explore these kinks, pains, traumas, and snags of the body you can begin to acknowledge, embrace, and transform them into new knowledge & wisdom. Releasing them from your body and utilizing them instead as tools of growth & expansion.

2. You are a galaxy of trillions of single-cell organisms

Your body is comprised of trillions of individual cells. These cells are a mixture of matter and energy. Between these cells is an inter-cellular matrix of living liquid crystal known as your fascia. The fascia is a fiber optic highway of light and information holding your cells in specific alignments. Theses brilliant living structures are a part of you. You created your body and by returning to a true dialog with it, you can heal, change, and evolve it just like a true work of art. Through the use of kinesiology you can begin to understand on a conscious level what your body has been trying to tell you and you can begin to see and feel why it has adapted the behaviors and patterns is has developed over the span of your life.  All of these cells and fascia are very fluidly trying to create what you are asking of them, but often we are not aware of how our perceptions can create deeply physical imbalances.

Sabrina enjoys applying her collective knowledge of minerals, plants, ancient cultural practices, art, and cutting-edge scientific discoveries to create culturally diverse spa therapies, energetic balancing therapies, integrative bodywork, & an aesthetic and engaging environment. She has studied biology, sustainability, plant science, world religions, anthropology, & art at both the University of North Florida and Oregon State University for over 13 years.

Some of her Educational Background & Certifications in Massage Therapy:

  • Massage - LMT & NBTMB licensed since 2006
    • Reiki Mastery
      • Anka Cacciola @ Advanced Healing Therapies in St.Augustine - Usui Lineage  
    • Shamanic Touch, Maya Terra the 7-tribes Technique, Breathwork Therapy
      • Martha Worsley @ Eden Revisited Healing Ministry
    • Mediumship
      • Marilyn Jenquin - International Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge
    • Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy
      • Telsa, a student of the Peter Hess Tibetan Bowl & Sound Therapy Institute in Germany. 
    • Acutonics
      • Eileen Day McKusick founder of the Biofield Tuning Institute.
    • Chinese Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy, & Visceral Manipulation (Chi Nei Tsang)
      • Wolfgang Luckman
    • Thai massage & foot work
      • Ariela @ Florida School of Massage in Gainesville
    • Lomi Lomi
      • Tom Cochran & Donna Jason founders of Sacred Lomi - Hawaiian Temple Bodywork


Hobbies & Life

  • She was born in Canada and is a dual-citizen with the United States.
  • She loves to travel, experience, & explore new places, cultures, and foods.
  • She enjoys relaxing with a good book or a documentary and a warm cup of tea. Reading fantastic adventures or simply learning something new (quantum physics, pirate history, evolutionary dynamics, Japanese, herbalism, etc.) are her favorite pastimes.
  • She is a published author of several short stories and poems.
  • She enjoys writing daily haiku.
  • She enjoys her exceptionally entertaining cat Ms. Puddin,
  • She dances with fire & light props at night.
  • She has been a professional thespian preforming live-action combat with swords and staves at Renaissance and Medieval Fairs.
  • She is a painter, photographer, graphic designer, functional mixed-media sculptor, & pottery-artist.
  • She enjoys canoeing, climbing, backpacking, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, & deep nature retreats. She would like to one day open a wilderness therapy and ecotourism retreat center.
  • She is a practicing herbalist, for over 5 years, and on her outings she enjoys identifying and researching plants in the wild and discovering their properties & personalities.
  • She is a certified Permaculture Designer and Instructor and was the Design & Educational Chair of the Edgewood Community Food Forest and Garden Project with Our Fertile Earth & Anyone Can Plant A Seed community outreach groups.
  • She is also renovating an old school bus into an Off-grid Tiny-home.