Explore the Four Paths to your Personal Wellness


Integrative Massage & BodyWork - Nourish & Nurture

  • Explore & Combine over a Dozen different forms of Massage Therapy & Bodywork Techniques.
  • Experience an Organic Spa Treatment inspired by Ancient Healing Remedies from Around the World and infused with modern-day wisdom and application. Try a full-body cultural immersion or just get your feet wet with a foot bath or non-invasive facial.
    • All products are handmade in house from sustainable, fair-trade, & organic raw material resources.
  • Detox & Restore your natural vitality with a dry Far-Infrared Sauna Wrap
  • Re-attune your Body, Mind, & Spirit with innovative Energetic therapies such as; Auctonics, Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, & Chakra and Energy Balancing


Structural Movement & Rehabilitation - Strengthen & Empower

  • Physical Fitness Training & Exercise
  • Internal Martial Arts
  • Joint Mobility & Stretching
  • Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy




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Self-Discovery & Exploration - Breathe Deep & Seek Peace

  • Soul Coaching®
  • Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy®
  • Conscious Connective Breathing
  • Reconnective Healing®


Developmental Workshops - Uproot and Transform old behaviors and Learn valuable Life Application Tools

  • Individual & Group Energy Clearing