Passionate, dedicated, and ambitious, Rebecca Sellers exudes this within her personal life and career. She encompasses knowledge, wisdom, and intuition, together with compassion to create an experience for the clientele she shares time with. From her colorful past and adventurous life, she was guided to learn holistic ways to heal her mind/body/spirit, change, and grow. From her studies and life experiences, she is heartfelt about assisting others to create their personal transformation using a holism approach.

Her perspective of true freedom is to live the life we were meant to live, and be who we came here to be; furthermore, she feels this is not a ‘one size fits all’ perspective - or job. Each person is unique, has individual requirements, truths, and is in a different place on their personal journey; therefore, different tools and modalities are offered to transform what is no longer working, or expand the self to go deeper and higher. She is adherent about suggesting referrals that may assist a client outside of her scope of practice, knowledge, or expertise – referrals may lead to even better health and a more expansive consciousness.

Her licenses and certifications include: L.M.T. and NCBTMB, Level ll: Reconnective Healing® Foundational Practitioner, SHLB, Certified in Soul Coaching® and Past Life Regression,  also Certified Clinical Hypnotist/Conscious Connective Breathwork from the Wellness Institute. She has received a Certificate of Recognition as a Certified Advanced Akashic Healing Practitioner and Akashic Record Reader; but at this time, has chosen not to use this modality.

She endorses and uses Dr. Peter J’Dadmo’s Live Right4Your Type Blood Type eating, and has followed this program for over 15 years. Besides an advocate of good nutrition, she is also supports the use of nutritional supplementation and has chosen to become an Independent Distributor for Life Vantage. She feels good health is a gift that we all have a choice to create.

Formally, she has been a personal trainer (currently renewing AFAA certification), competitive bodybuilder that has won two state titles, Jr. National Figure Competitor, along with winning many consecutive championship awards in Hunters and Jumpers.

Hobbies for her include: Hiking, Biking, Walking, Traveling, and Learning new things. Her favorite pastime is pondering when the next season of Vikings will be aired on Amazon Prime and how many more seasons there will be.