Meet Your Therapists


Rebecca Sellers

Kurt Curley

I am a health and wellness mentor with twenty years of experience guiding individuals on a journey into their heart; it is there that they discover a life to be fully experienced. I do this by training students how to observe themselves with grace and compassion; as well assist them to identify what limiting patterns, beliefs and behaviors are keeping them with a feeling of being 'stuck'. It's a persons deep desire to change and most importantly a will to do the work - dedicated work, that unfolds transformation from a life of survival to living their life with true freedom and excitement!

"There are also new data suggesting that the heart’s field is directly involved in intuitive perception, through its coupling to an energetic information field outside the bounds of space and time," - Karl Pribram.



Sabrina Huerth

For over a decade I have been growing and evolving my knowledge and wisdom in the application of professional massage and bodywork therapies. Through my journey I have developed a deep relationship with the healing, scientific, & creative arts. I enjoy applying my collective knowledge of minerals, plants, ancient cultural practices, art, and cutting-edge scientific discoveries to create culturally diverse spa therapies, energy-balancing techniques, integrative bodywork, & an aesthetic and engaging environment. I have studied biology, sustainability, plant science, world religions, anthropology, & art at both the University of North Florida and Oregon State University for over 13 years.


"Your body is a reservoir of ten-thousand pearls of wisdom. Just as oysters collect small grains of sand, hold on to them, and mull them over their entire lives--we too collect experiential debris, carry them around inside our bodies, unprocessed and often impinging our physical anatomy. As you explore these kinks, pains, traumas, and snags of the body you can begin to acknowledge, embrace, and transform them into new knowledge & wisdom. Releasing them from your body and utilizing them instead as tools of growth & expansion."



Daniel McCrillis